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Torre Pedrera

A small paradise on the shores of the Adriatic

Torre Pedrera is the northernmost of the districts of Rimini, and one of the liveliest towns in the Rimini province, rich in pubs, clubs, restaurants, shops and boutiques.
A history and a name that are lost in the distant past, and they point to a watch tower (one of the few still standing) built to defend against Saracen pirates, on the banks of the River Pedriera, from which a time prelevavano stones used for construction purposes.

Today Torre Pedrera has become an ideal destination for summer tourism. In this small town high Romagna you can find the same tissue of services and the same warm welcome typical of the Adriatic Coast, but on a human scale, without the chaos, traffic and stress of the largest and busiest.
From here you can easily reach Rimini, Riccione, Cesenatico, Cervia, Milano Marittima, Ravenna, but also the picturesque and quaint inland villages, small medieval jewels with their castles, wine trails and flavors and all the rich artistic repertoire which testifies to the power and wealth of ancient lordships in perpetual conflict.
Santarcangelo, Montebello, Gradara, San Marino are just some of the villages where the agency agreement with Numi organizes excursions.

Torre Pedrera is above the sea, beaches, fishing and water sports; but it is also the nature of Eden Park, an ecosystem of 35,000 square meters where greenery and ponds recreate the habitat of many aquatic species housed: pink flamingos, cranes, coots, herons, swans, rare pheasants, peacocks, geese, parrots, ostriches and many more Argentines.

Right next door also very faithful scale reproductions of monuments and architectural masterpieces of Italy in Miniature, while a little farther on, you can venture into many highlights of some of the most famous theme parks in Italy: Mirabilandia, Aquafan, Oltremare and the Aquarium of Cattolica Le ships.

Many attractions for sports enthusiasts, from cycling and the highly popular and closest bike routes Nove Colli, the international marathon in Cesenatico; but also a swimming school, sailing and surfing; a Sailing Club and the Falcons Baseball Club in this league.

E 'have to mention the dozens of events that color the summer of Torre Pedrera: the Grape Festival, the East Coast Festival, the Threshing Festival, the Patron Saint's Day, the Feast Brazilian are just some of the many events that fill the calendar of this small but amazing town overlooking the shores of the Adriatic.

Finally, do not forget to treat yourself to a little 'shopping in the many shops of clothing, footwear and accessories located on the waterfront.